Slide Design

Introduction This assignment was a great way to practice everything I’ve learned this semester.  I feel like After this semester I have a better idea how to work my way around Adobe programs. This class has also sparked my interest in visual media and how helpful it can be in the Communications field. The Assignment … More Slide Design

Creative Ad

My First Time Using Photoshop Out of all the Adobe programs, I think that Photoshop was the hardest! Using Adobe can be very confusing because there are multiple ways to do the same thing. However, this makes it possible to be very creative and inventive when creating media. The Assignment Minimum Expectations Choose a random … More Creative Ad

The Iconic Post

Introduction This week our class created Icon sets. We were required to pick a theme and include 4-6 images that fit the theme. This was my first time using Adobe Illustrator. We could use reference photos, but could not trace over the photos in Illustrator. These icons had to be vectors, meaning the resolution stays the … More The Iconic Post

Laying it Out There!

Introduction The project assignment was to create a magazine spread for an already existing article. I’m really proud of what I’ve learned and am excited to see how my eye for design improves over time in this portfolio. This was my first time creating anything in InDesign and incorporate what I’ve been learning in the previous … More Laying it Out There!

Picture This

Photography There are countless ways to take a picture, but just because one can take a picture doesn’t mean it will look appealing to the eye.  Photographers are encouraged to use their individual creativity and some structure guidelines when taking good photos. A well composed photo can send a clear message and be better used in … More Picture This

Write it Right

  Sans Serif The first typeface used is Sans Serif. The font has no Serifs at the end of the strokes. The text has the same thickness throughout the strokes (this characteristic is also known as”Monoweight”). Although the first line uses a smaller font size than the lower highlighted section all of it is considered Sans … More Write it Right

Design and Color

 50th Anniversary of the Beetles performing at the Washington Coliseum was commemorated by Metro Connection on Feb. 7th, 2014 on their website  The original concert ad was created by the Washington Post. The size and boldness of the text throughout the post shows a lot of contract and ads a lot of dynamics to the … More Design and Color