Slide Design


This assignment was a great way to practice everything I’ve learned this semester.  I feel like After this semester I have a better idea how to work my way around Adobe programs. This class has also sparked my interest in visual media and how helpful it can be in the Communications field.

The Assignment

This week our final project required working with multiple Adobe programs.

  1. Create an Ad Campaign (using Photoshop or Illustrator)
    • Find a well designed company ad
    • Create a new ad that would fit in the company’s ad campaign
  2. Create a Slide Presentation (using InDesign)


This ad campaign for the company GAP is geared towards young female adults during the warmer seasons. I chose this Ad campaign because I can easily relate to it. There is also a lot of good free images that would be available for my own created work.

How does my Ad Campaign stand out to its audience?

  • Bright Summer /Spring colors
  • light, loose, and trendy outfits
  • Bold fun text.

The Ad Campaign

The Original Ad

The New Ad

The Slide Design

Slide Color Theme

My color choice for the slides helped bring the viewer into my Ad campaign which was the main focus for the presentation.

Because my Ads were very bright and colorful I thought it wise to have a neutral and light color for the background of my slides.

The yellow used in the headings/draw over were very complimentary and was taken with the eye drop tool from the original ad’s shoes.

I used Adobe Color Wheel to create my color scheme for my slide design. The link is here


Headings: Avenir Bold (Sans Serif)

Points: Minnion Pro (Serif)

These are good fonts on my slides because the serif and sans serif create good contrast. The bold font against the regular also helps make the page more dynamic.


The draw over and the type are very close in proximity to best show what the text is explaining.

Each slide only has one idea to create more room for the visual/ad.

Static Pages helped introduce new ideas. Each static page’s type is further away in proximity creating more white space and simple message.





This assignment helped me think about two different audiences; the people who would be looking to use my ad for their company and the people interested in my Company’s ad product.

By utilizing design skills such as color, proximity, typography and photography I think I have created a great ad, and a great presentation that can spark interest in all its viewers.

This assignment helped me get a glimpse of what a visual media major career may look like one day. Although I’m not a Visual Media major, I have really grown to love what I can do with Adobe programs and plan on furthering my skills with it!



New Ad Font Choice from Prism

Gap Ad Original
Mark Adriane from Unsplash

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