Creative Ad

My First Time Using Photoshop

Out of all the Adobe programs, I think that Photoshop was the hardest! Using Adobe can be very confusing because there are multiple ways to do the same thing. However, this makes it possible to be very creative and inventive when creating media.

The Assignment

Minimum Expectations

  • Choose a random household or office product and target audience
  • Determine a specific brand for the chosen product
  • Include the company logo in the design (see the course fair use guidelines)
  • 2+ images blended (don’t need to be original, but need to be legally obtained. (See course media usage requirements.)
  • Symbolic visual communication (avoid literal)
  • Written content
    • Original and creative headline (must coincide with visuals)
    • Body copy (1-2 sentences)
    • Call to action (tell the viewer what you want them to do)


  • Dustpan
  • female
  • 65+
  • Single
  • Associates
  • $90,000+
  • Magazine or Blog Ad

My Project

My original ad was a bit literal. I combined a walking cane and a dustpan together. One can determine if their image is literal or nonliteral by asking if they could take the picture without editing.

So I went a more non-literal direction with my ad by creating a house from the shape of the dustpan and using the broom as a tree.

How I Did It

For the dustpan, broom, and windows I created a layer mask, highlighted the parts I didn’t want in my ad with the selection tool, and used the paintbrush to detail around the edges and remove their original background.

For the fence, I used the selection tool and magic wand tool to get rid of the background. The outside of the fence was easy to get rid of, but the background inside the fence took a little more time. I used the magic wand too and the selection tool. I had to free hand the outline of the fence that was in front of the door because the tools couldn’t separate the colors.

Because the tree blocked a portion of the fence I used the lasso tool to drag and duplicate part of the fence continue the fence pattern across the add.

I used  Avenir font for al my text.  I struggled to figure out how best to organazie my typeography. I decided to put my logo and tagline at the top with the call to action very small in the sky. this created some white space where the call to action would stand out.


In this project not only did I learn how to use photoshop better but I got out of my comfort zone with my creativity. I think photoshop is awesome because of all the crazy things we can create visually that can’t be done with just a camera.

Photos and Sources

Photo credit: Me in ME via / CC BY
Photo credit: Melissa Eder via Visual Hunt / CC BY
Photo credit: Dimit®i via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND
Taken by Mark Mitchell 23 Oct. 2006 Chineese Broom

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