The Iconic Post


This week our class created Icon sets. We were required to pick a theme and include 4-6 images that fit the theme. This was my first time using Adobe Illustrator. We could use reference photos, but could not trace over the photos in Illustrator. These icons had to be vectors, meaning the resolution stays the same even when resized.

Each Icon should have a clear message and they should have a likeness to the other icons in some way to help create uniformity in the set.

My Project

My icon set is “Hipster” themed. This was somewhat challenging because the Icons I chose don’t have a physical likeness. It’s not just clothes, or antiques, or men’s hairstyles. I was hoping to show a well rounded perspective on what comes to mind when I think about hipsters. If I were to do this project again I would be more detailed or specific about theme choice. But I’m really happy with how the project turned out in the end!

Originally created in Adobe Illustrator by Maya Andrus

The Polaroid

I looked at a lot of different polaroid cameras before designing this icon. I liked the look of the Sun600 and so I designed my icon after it. Originally My polaroid was very detailed. It looked Identical to the real camera. I removed some of the details to create a better Icon.

When creating an Icon I’ve come to the conclusion that less can be more. You want your icons to be recognizable from “far away” or if they were really small. So it’s important to exaggerate the main idea.

Simplifying my Camera Icon also helped it to better fit in with the rest of my icons which was just as important because this is a set.

I created the camera using Adobe Illustrator ellipse, rectangle, and shapes tools.

Record Player

The Record player was also simplified a bit to help create a simple design. Both the Polaroid and Record player were pretty simple to create with the shape tools.  I took out the “grooves” on the record and left the record all one color instead. The Record player already created a clear message that the record was a vinyl not a CD.







Glasses and Bowtie

The thick framed glasses and bowtie can be identified as hipster accessories.

The bow tie consists of two triangles, and a circle I used the shaping tool to create the patters on the bow tie so the circles could drop off the edge of the bowtie.

The Glasses were more difficult to create with shapes. There are many different ways to make custom shapes. I used rectangles for the lenses and brought the corners in. For the top corners of the frame I used squares and a circle at the bottom; using the shaping tool I took the circle out while leaving the curve in the shape.

The nose bridge was tricky. I started by just using the pen tool, but that was not symmetrical enough. I used a rectangle with two different sized circles at the top and bottom instead.







Man Bun and Beard

This was my favorite Icon to make! How could I not make a man bun and beard as part of this Hipster project?!

I used the Pen tool for the beard going over my sketched draft. I like the more natural look this gave the beard.

If one wanted to create a more precise beard outline they could create half the beard, make a copy of the shape, and “reflect” it to mirror the other half of the beard. This would Ensure a perfectly even appearance.

I used the Ellipse tool to create the top of the hair and the bun.The whisps of hair were created with the pencil tool to create a messy look to the bun in contrast with the smooth circle shapes.


These images could be used for a infograph about hipsters or on a personal website. These icons could easily break away from their set and stand alone as an icon as well.


I think this project was a lot like a puzzle. I played with a lot of different shapes to see how to create a bigger picture. But for projects like this it’s important to remember that you can create the same image in a million different ways. There’s not just one right way to do things. I hope to learn all the different ways to create, communicate, and share with others. It’s quite the process…

I’m on my way.





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