Laying it Out There!


The project assignment was to create a magazine spread for an already existing article. I’m really proud of what I’ve learned and am excited to see how my eye for design improves over time in this portfolio. This was my first time creating anything in InDesign and incorporate what I’ve been learning in the previous weeks. Some of the design requirements include:

  • Use InDesign
  • 3 pages long
  • include 2+ columns
  • 1+ pull quote
  • 2+ images shot by the student
  • 1+word wrap
  • Demonstrate understanding of typography


The article “Seminary Changed My Life” is geared toward high school youth. The term “Seminary” is referring to a religious class offered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In this class, students study and memorize scriptures and are taught how to better apply the principles taught in them.

The photos in my spread design resemble a seminary class setting and personal scripture study.

Design Techniques


My title and pull quote are sans serif. I downloaded the font “Modernist” from This website has a great display of fonts. It was easy to pick one for my title.

The body of the article was in “Bodoni 72”. This font does have serifs.

All of the headings in the text are closest to the paragraph they relate to.  This proximity makes it easier for readers to organize and comprehend the text at a glance.

The title has some contrast as well. The font is the same, but the size and boldness are dramatically different to bring greater emphasis to the word “Seminary”.  Seminary bleeds into the next page to create a spread format. This leads the reader to the article better and creates a good flow.

Also, I was careful to avoid “Widows”. This is when there is only one word left in a line of text in the column. This is a very common problem but can be easily fixed by slightly changing the size in part of the paragraph text.


I used a neutral background to go better with the colors in my photos. The red, orange colors in my later two photos are on the warmer side. The green in the flower picture and the books on the desk photo are complementary to these.

My entire color scheme was the light tan color in the page, brick red, orange, and deep green.


For two of my photos, I used the in-depth focus feature on my iPhone. I wanted to bring the attention to the books on the front desk in the first photo, and to the flower in my last photo.

In my last photo, I utilized the brick wall of an apartment to create some leading lines and contrast to my photo.

All these photos were framed following the rule of thirds.


Considering this was my first time using InDesign I am so happy with what I have learned. Through trial and error, I have learned how to use a variety of features in the program. Something I have realized in this project is how important it is to be engaged throughout the process. When you are taking or finding photos, choosing text, layout, and etc one must keep in mind the big picture. Otherwise, your creation won’t look as put together as you may have hoped.

Photography Credit

Photo taken by me.
Photo taken by me.
Photo taken by me.

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