Write it Right


Travel Magazine Advertising Norway: https://goo.gl/images/2jt8uq. This Ad is not easily located on any site. It was printed and published in Norway.

Sans Serif

The first typeface used is Sans Serif. The font has no Serifs at the end of the strokes. The text has the same thickness throughout the strokes (this characteristic is also known as”Monoweight”). Although the first line uses a smaller font size than the lower highlighted section all of it is considered Sans Serif because of the letterform characteristics.


The second typeface used is Oldstyle. It’s very obvious in the “N” the strokes go thick to thin. This kind of font has serifs that are at a slight slant. The lettering stress is also at a mild diagonal. The font is based on hand lettering so the lettering mimics that of a wedge tip pen.


Contrast between two fonts is very pleasing to the eye. The thick to think strokes in Oldstyle font next to the bold mono weighted strokes of Sans serif create a lot of contrast in the design. Sans Serif’s lack of serifs next to Oldstyle’s slanted serifs also create contrasting dynamics. Although both fonts were created on the computer Oldstyle creates an illusion of being handwritten.


In this design the author is sharing a fair amount of context. Creating contrast helps bring clarity and organization to the message.  If there were too many contrasting typefaces it would create confusion rather than a focused design and message. Because of the contrasting typefaces it is clear what the message is about “The Worlds Most Beautiful Destination” and who the author is “National Geographic”.


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