Design and Color

 50th Anniversary of the Beetles performing at the Washington Coliseum was commemorated by Metro Connection on Feb. 7th, 2014 on their website  The original concert ad was created by the Washington Post.

The size and boldness of the text throughout the post shows a lot of contract and ads a lot of dynamics to the posters flow.  The bold and large text is what catches the readers eyes.  The smaller text underneath co-relates to the bold text in this poster.

The Repetition in this ad is in the text’s format. Although there are contrasting sizes of text in this poster they are creating a pattern of repetition that is comfortable for the eyes and mind to process information.

This Ad isn’t the clearest example of proximity because there is a lot of information and it is all close. However the closeness of the bold text to the finer text does show the relationship or connection to the information. For example the “ALL SEATS RESERVED” text is related to the following smaller text” Tickets on Sale NOW”

The alignment in this ad is okay. One can see a strong line on the bottom right, but the upper half of the poster is centered.Centered alignment isn’t bad; however, our textbook  recommends that we consider other alignments before clicking ‘center’.  Ads with very obvious alignment creates a sense of calm and organization.

The Colors here are only black and white/gray. One may think that this doesn’t evoke the emotion that other colors do, but during The Beatles time black and white was the norm. Having the ad in black and white today has a very classic and authentic feel to it; especially in our bright world of color.

 The above attributes help communicate clearly to audiences the excitement of The Beatles first concert in the United States of America.


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