Good Mourning BYU-I

Recently there have been two unexpected deaths in the student body at Brigham Young University Idaho; Benjamin Van De Graaff and Dalen Graham. Although the LDS faith has a positive perspective on life after death, the loss of a young one can be difficult. The university president was prompt to share the news via e-mail … More Good Mourning BYU-I

Not Much Snappin’

NBC News wrote an article recently about Snapchat’s new update. 80 percent of the tweets regarding Snapchat’s new update are negative and over 750,000 users have signed a petition to change the layout back to what it originally was. Many Snapchatters have switched to Instagram and Facebook stories which are comparable to Snapchat’s old features. … More Not Much Snappin’

Amazon GO

Amazon recently opened a store called Amazon Go. It’s a store you sign into with your Amazon account grab what you need and just walk out. The items you take out with you are automatically charged to your Amazon account. The big benefit is that there are no lines to wait in to check out. I … More Amazon GO

Resuscitating Facebook

In 2017 Facebook had its first drop in users. The past few months there has been a lot of news and rumors concerning Facebook’s status amongst its competitors. Many articles lead its readers to believe the end of Facebook was near. Facebook was quick to announce their intentions for new and significant upgrades. Mark Zuckerberg, … More Resuscitating Facebook

Did You SEO This?

Most online resources have some sort of algorithm to filter through large quantities of media content. Recently a single Youtube Channel was flooding Bing’s video search with fake news. “Because of how the search engine’s autofill feature works, people who visit Bing looking for news videos may be redirected to a flood of fake news … More Did You SEO This?


The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article about some of the after affects of the #MeToo campaign. The campaign was an effort to increase awareness of sexual harassment and create support for those who may have been or still are afraid to speak out against it. However, some of the speaking out against sexual … More #MeToo

An Appealing Obituary

President of the LDS Church Thomas S. Monson Passed away on January 2, 2018. Following his death, many news publications wrote obituaries for Monson. The New York Times wrote a controversial piece drawing attention to many political highlights in Monson’s Presidency. The obituary has received many complaints from the general public and members of the LDS … More An Appealing Obituary