Hey there, my name is Maya. Growing up I was always a chatter box.  I enjoyed talking to strangers, making new friends, and telling stories. Communicating has always been an exciting and important activity for me. As I’ve grown older I’ve gained so much from learning to listen to other individuals stories. When I discovered the communications field in college I was so happy to find a study and field of work I excelled in.

I am currently in my junior year at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I am a Communications major with emphasis in Public Relations and Visual Media. While studying I’ve cultivated skills in design, journalism, presentation, campaign, media, and international studies. I enjoy working with adobe programs and social media, but my favorite part of my work is the people I work with. I’d love to work in a very innovative environment where I can try new things and share my ideas to help businesses be successful.

If you want your story to go down in history, you’re going to need a good story teller…